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Executive Committee

The five-person Executive Committee is called upon when necessary to deal with specific business or issues. The board of directors can delegate certain powers and functions to this committee. For example, the Executive Committee may be required to approve the membership of advisory and corporate committees, or to approve certain routine transactions.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee oversees the NCC’s internal audit function, and reviews the Office of the Auditor General of Canada’s special examinations and annual financial audits. It also oversees the reporting of financial information, ensuring that the necessary processes and controls are in place for the NCC to achieve its objectives, while guaranteeing the highest standards of integrity and behaviour. Eight people sit on the committee: six board members, plus the NCC chairperson and the CEO (as ex officio members).

Governance Committee

The Governance Committee reviews and, when appropriate, makes recommendations to the board, on matters relating to the following:

  • amendments to the by-laws
  • the selection criteria for, duties of and benefits for the chairperson, CEO and other board and committee members
  • the mandate, functioning, competency profile and performance appraisals of the board and its committees
  • the terms of reference and the selection process for the ombudsman
  • governance issues in general

A minimum of five board members, plus the NCC chairperson and the CEO (as ex officio members) sit on the Governance Committee.

Advisory Committee on Planning, Design and Realty

This committee advises on the following:

  • long-range plans and policies for the use of public lands and properties in Canada’s Capital Region
  • design proposals affecting federal lands
  • real property matters

The committee consists of experts in real estate development; environmental, urban and regional planning; urban design; architecture; and landscape architecture. The committee has 11 members, plus two board members who act as observers, and two ex officio members (the NCC chairperson and the CEO).

Advisory Committee on Universal Accessibility

This committee has a mandate to assist the NCC by considering projects undertaken by the NCC which involve a significant universal accessibility component. Its members have expertise and experience in matters related to universal accessibility. It has seven members: four from outside the NCC and three NCC employees. 

Advisory Committee on Toponymy

The mandate of the Committee is to assist the Corporation, through the CEO and management of the Corporation, by reviewing the information included in the naming and re-naming proposals, namely the supportive documentation and rationale as well as the analysis, and to advise on public engagement and consultation needs. The Committee is responsible for ensuring the proposed names are aligned with the value-based principles as stated in the NCC’s Naming and Renaming Policy.

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