The NCC is responsible for the integrity and sustainability of its landholdings. In particular, we must look after the environment, ensure public safety, and deal with liability concerns. By controlling access to NCC properties, permits help us fulfill our responsibilities in terms of the land and the public.

Do I need an NCC land access permit?

You need a permit whenever you are doing something that requires the use of, or access to, NCC land. It could be anything from scientific research to a construction project. For example:

  • Using NCC land to access private property for construction.
  • Driving a commercial vehicle on NCC parkways.
  • Performing research on NCC land.
  • Storing materials or equipment on NCC land.
  • Construction and maintenance contracts on NCC land.
  • Authorization to hold recurring programs or activities on NCC land.

How do I get an NCC land access permit? How long does it take?

To get an NCC land access permit, complete and submit the Land Access Permit Request Form.

Review times vary depending on the type of access. The review process begins upon receipt of the completed application form, and may take between five and ten business days. To avoid delays, apply as soon as you know the details of your access requirements.

If your request receives preliminary approval, you will then receive a list of requirements that you need to meet before a permit is granted.

How much does an NCC land access permit cost?

You may have to pay a minimum fee, depending on the exact use and location of your work or activity. Depending on the nature of the activity and the type of organization, you may be required to have proof of insurance or a certified performance bond.

Regular land access permit

$ 400

NPO land access permit

$ 200

Land access permit for partners and scientific research


Fees are subject to change.

NCC land access permit for research

Research in Gatineau Park or the Greenbelt helps in planning the short- and long-term protection of species, habitats and ecosystems. Many permits are issued annually to researchers from universities, museums, government departments and non-governmental organizations. The NCC provides logistical support to some of these projects, and sometimes funds research projects that enhance Gatineau Park or Greenbelt management.


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