The Capital Illumination Plan, 2017–2027
, is our vision for lighting the core area of the National Capital Region. This 10-year plan aims to enrich the nighttime environment, as well as the resident and visitor experience of the heart of the Capital.

The latest annual report on the plan shows steady progress, with positive indicators on several planned actions

About the plan

The NCC Board of Directors approved the Capital Illumination Plan in September 2017.

Developing and executing the plan is a major milestone of the Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017–2067.


The nighttime capital offers memorable experiences, showcases its distinctive character and contributes to a sustainable future.


  • To enhance the Capital’s nighttime beauty.
  • To enrich the resident and visitor experience.
  • To promote environmentally responsible lighting practices.
  • To support existing planning, heritage conservation and urban design strategies.
  • To strengthen ties and collaboration between federal and municipal partners and other stakeholders.

Study area

The study area covers the Capital’s core, including the lighting of significant sites, buildings, monuments and public art installations.

Because the NCC has no direct mandate to execute the plan’s recommendations across the entire study area, the plan serves as a consensus-building tool. We encourage municipal partners to use the plan to guide the illumination of areas under their authority.

The plan’s success depends on the involvement of all key players.

A map showcasing the study area, which includes the Ottawa and Gatineau downtown core.

Public engagement

As part of the planning process, we engaged a wide range of federal and municipal partners, as well as public and private stakeholders.

The process also included active public participation through various events, including discussion sessions, workshops and night walks. For an overview of what we have heard throughout this process, see the public consultation reports:

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