Capital Urban Lands Plan

The Capital Urban Lands Plan applies to federal lands inside the Greenbelt on the Ontario side and within the urban perimeter on the Québec side, excluding Gatineau Park.

The Capital Urban Lands Plan supports the NCC’s vision to create an inspiring and dynamic capital. The plan applies to urban lands that extend to the Greenbelt boundary on the Ontario side, and those located within the urban perimeter on the Quebec side. The plan does not apply to lands in Gatineau Park.

Key roles and goals

The Capital Urban Lands Plan (2015) defines three key roles for urban lands in the Capital, with a set of goals linked to each role.

  • Create and foster high-quality and meaningful places.
    • Improve, safeguard and enrich the Capital’s cultural heritage.
    • Develop a network of Capital discovery routes.
  • Support the Capital’s urban green and blue space network.
    • Protect valued natural habitats and regional biodiversity.
    • Reinforce urban vegetation cover, and conserve the Capital’s picturesque landscapes.
    • Provide improved access to green and blue spaces year-round.
  • Contribute to building a livable Capital Region.
    • Enhance the accessibility and integration of federal sites.
    • Promote sustainable urbanism and active mobility.

Capital Urban Lands Plan review

The Capital Urban Lands Plan was adopted by the NCC Board of Directors in 2015. The plan was designed to be implemented over 10 years, with a revision to take place at the end of that period.