The National Capital Commission manages 1,664 properties in its real estate portfolio in Canada’s Capital Region. This includes 560 properties leased in Ottawa - Gatineau for residential, agricultural, institutional, recreational and commercial purposes. Here are currently available properties for sale or lease at market rates.

Home properties

From the forests of Gatineau Park to the heart of the city, these unique properties are located in areas of importance to Canada’s Capital. Each one offers a different living experience to enjoy.

Agricultural Properties

The NCC has developed a model that provides unique opportunities for new farmers to establish farms on quality farmland within 10 minutes of downtown. The NCC has recently embraced a shift toward local and sustainable food production, and we are looking for tenants who are experienced and ready to start their own farm.

Commercial Properties

Most of our commercial properties are in the ByWard Market area, especially along Sussex Drive. There are also commercial properties in the central business district along Sparks Street, including 100 Sparks Street.

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