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Tanya Gracie has expertise in supporting strategic decision making with public and private enterprises, particularly in the areas of risk management, change management, innovation agility and governance. She is senior advisor at Central 1, where she works with member credit union executives and directors, purposefully engaging them in credit union strategy, and providing insights into the disruption facing the financial services industry. Tanya also served on the board of Your Credit Union in Ottawa, including five years as board chair. Tanya’s leadership with co-operative businesses includes the responsibility for leading the 2012 UN International Year of Co-operatives with the Canadian Co-operative Association, and developing the delegate structure and strategic plan for the formation of Co-operatives and Mutuals Canada. She has also worked at a public policy think tank on diverse significant projects, as well as with the Public Health Agency of Canada on risk management and the organization’s experimentation and innovation culture. Tanya has a bachelor’s degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, a master’s degree in Community Economic Development and an executive MBA from the University of Ottawa. She is currently completing the Institute of Corporate Director’s Director Education Program.