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At the NCC, we recognize that people with disabilities are equal participants in all areas of life. Our goal is to identify, remove and prevent barriers to help achieve a barrier-free Canada by 2040.

Accessibility Plan

The NCC has developed its first Accessibility Plan to meet its responsibilities under the Accessible Canada Act.

This plan outlines the barriers that exist in the NCC and identifies the steps that we will take to remove them over the next three years (2023-2026).

You can request a copy of the Plan in an alternate format using the options below.

Feedback process

Your feedback will be documented and shared with the appropriate NCC staff for review, and kept on file for a period of seven years. Actions to address feedback will be taken as required. We will take your feedback into account when preparing our annual progress reports and future accessibility plans.

You can request a copy of the feedback process description in an alternate format using the options below.

How to provide feedback on accessibility at the NCC

We welcome your feedback on the Plan and any other accessibility matter or document.

Share your feedback with us using one of the following formats. We will acknowledge all feedback within 10 business days, unless it is provided anonymously.

Feedback form

If you wish to remain anonymous, please leave the email option blank.
Provide a detailed description of the accessibility issue.
Share a screenshot or photo of the issue, if applicable and possible.


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