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Discover Canada's Capital Region

Canada's Capital Region represents the heart of our great nation. It is the centre of our democracy, and a symbol of the country's collective history, heritage, culture and natural features. It embodies the spirit of what it means to be Canadian.

Heritage Buildings in Canada's Capital Region

We manage approximately 1,300 buildings in Canada’s Capital Region, many of which have historical significance.

Confederation Boulevard

Confederation Boulevard is the Capital’s ceremonial and discovery route, which encircles the downtown areas of Ottawa and Gatineau.

Managing the Official Residences in Canada's Capital

The official residences are six important historic properties in Canada’s Capital Region.

Urban Parks

The extensive green spaces within the urban core are key features of the Capital experience.

Capital Pathway

The green spaces of Canada’s Capital Region are connected by more than 600 kilometres of multi-use paths, which people use for recreation and to commute to work.


The Capital’s green spaces are also connected by over 90 kilometres of scenic parkways.

Interprovincial bridges in the National Capital Region

In Canada’s Capital Region, five interprovincial bridges connect the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau. These crossings serve as key transportation routes for cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles.