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Dave Allston is the senior asset manager (heritage) at National Defence, where he has worked in various capacities, including almost six years managing small team performing data quality and analysis on the National Defence portfolio, and five years as acting chief, IE Business and Data Support. He is also the returning officer for Ottawa Centre with Elections Ontario. Dave has a strong interest in local history and, since 1998, has been operating Houstalgia Research Company, providing historical research and detailed reports on the history of heritage and non-recognized properties, houses and neighbourhoods, as well as social, legal and architectural studies of properties over a 200-year period. In 2015, he began writing for the Kitchissippi Times community newspaper, and launched his own history blog, the Kitchissippi Museum. Dave has been a guest speaker for many groups and organizations, and contributes regularly to many mainstream media groups (such as the CBC and Ottawa Citizen) when a Kitchissippi-area local history issue arises. He also volunteers at community events, promoting his collection of local historical photos, maps and artifacts, as well as at local seniors’ residences, as well as at local seniors’ residences, conducting genealogical research.

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