A tree in a park in summer

A Living Legacy: Remarkable Trees of Canada’s Capital

This compilation of close to 170 remarkable trees is a celebration of natural beauty in Canada’s Capital Region.

A Capital Region You Can Be Proud Of

Building on more than a century of experience, the NCC provides unique value in the Capital Region by fulfilling three specific roles: long-term planner of federal lands; principal steward of nationally significant public places; creative partner committed to excellence in development and conservation.

Map for LeBreton

Building LeBreton

The redevelopment of LeBreton Flats offers a unique opportunity to create a dynamic new community in the heart of the Capital.

Discover Canada's Capital

Canada's Capital Region represents the heart of our great nation. It is the centre of our democracy, and a symbol of the country's collective history, heritage, culture and natural features. It embodies the spirit of what it means to be Canadian.