The NCC’s role

Confederation Boulevard is the NCC’s flagship urban development project of the past several decades. In collaboration with federal and municipal partners, the NCC designed and constructed this route around the heart of Canada’s Capital Region. Aside from providing an elegant streetscape for some of the nation’s most important sites and institutions, the Boulevard is often a focus for national celebrations. Its award-winning design features a remarkable mix of grandeur and accessibility.

Discover Confederation Boulevard

The Capital’s ceremonial and discovery route, connects many sites and symbols of national significance: institutions like Parliament and the Supreme Court of Canada, as well as museums, heritage sites, embassies, monuments and parks.

Running a length of 7.5 kilometres, Confederation Boulevard forms a loop that connects both sides of the Ottawa River, linking Ontario and Quebec. It follows several symbolically important streets along federal lands and past national landmarks, and comprises three sections.

  • Central loop: Crosses the Ottawa River to encompass the downtown cores of Ottawa and Gatineau. Some of Canada’s most important institutions, heritage sites, monuments and festival plazas are here.
  • Northeastern section: Follows Sussex Drive, passing through the Capital’s international sector to Rideau Hall, the residence of Canada’s governor general.
  • Southern section: Provides a grand approach along Elgin Street to the National War Memorial.

Confederation Boulevard reflects Canada, as it connects many sites and symbols of national significance:

Features of Confederation Boulevard include:

  • broad tree-lined walkways, with distinctive red-toned pavers and Canadian granite curbs
  • distinctive street furniture
  • a row of tall lampposts, each bearing a bronze maple leaf at the top
  • several lookouts and viewpoints

The continuing preservation, evolution and management of Confederation Boulevard are the responsibility of the NCC and its partners. In collaboration with the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau, the NCC ensures that the distinctive streetscape elements of Confederation Boulevard are preserved and enhanced to maintain the unique character of this key feature of the Capital.

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