The Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017–2067 is a document that guides the long-term planning of the Capital. It provides the direction and future vision for federal lands in the region over a 50-year period.

The plan serves as the foundation for all NCC planning work.

About the plan

The Plan for Canada’s Capital, 2017–2067, was approved by the NCC Board of Directors in 2017.

It details emerging trends and challenges, such as a growing and aging population, mobility and accessibility, environmental sustainability, and federal accommodations.

Simply put, the plan aims to better the Capital by means of an inspiring vision underpinned by the following three goals.

  • Inclusive and meaningful: A capital that preserves and cherishes national symbols, while respecting Indigenous heritage
  • Picturesque and natural: A capital that values public green space, and promotes environmental sustainability
  • Thriving and connected: A capital whose networks extend around the globe

The plan provides a series of key policy directions for each of the goals, and sets out 17 milestone projects to be implemented by federal agencies between 2017 and 2067. The plan is built on a foundation of sustainability and resiliency. It protects past plans and Capital-building projects, and carries their legacy forward for future generations of Canadians.

Public engagement

The Plan for Canada’s Capital is the culmination of a national conversation undertaken over several years. The plan is the most collaborative planning document in the Capital’s history. It is the product of engagement with 20,000 Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

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