The NCC owns and manages historical buildings that are part of Canada’s cultural heritage. In the spirit of collaboration, the NCC is seeking to transform under-used properties into inspiring creative spaces.

In 2021, the NCC launched an artist-in-residence program called “Capital Culture Lives Here.” Through this program, organizations dedicated to culture, arts and sciences will offer animation and residency programs in selected locations.

About the project

The first building selected was the Rochon Residence. This heritage house, located in the ByWard Market in Ottawa, will host an artist-in-residence program beginning in February 2022.

The NCC hopes to establish new partnerships for the animation of other heritage sites under its stewardship. The buildings under consideration are:

  • Strutt House (1220, chemin de la Montagne, Gatineau), an iconic mid-century modern house
  • The residence at 1224, chemin de la Montagne, Gatineau, adjacent to the Strutt House
  • The residence at 108 Pine Road in Chelsea, a gracious brick farmhouse built in 1915
  • The McConnell Residence (1055 chemin d’Aylmer, Gatineau), a historic gem along a dynamic corridor

The NCC is seeking partners to help transform these properties. See the requests for expressions of interest below.



  • Spring: A workshop was held to better identify the needs of artistic and cultural organizations both locally and throughout Canada.
  • Fall: Interested organizations were invited to submit a proposal.


  • Winter: A partnership between the NCC and SAW Gallery was announced for the Rochon Residence.
  • Spring: A workshop was held to explore the vocation of other properties in the Outaouais region.
  • Summer: The NCC launches a Request for Expression of Interest in July 2022.

The NCC has a strong tradition of protecting and showcasing the heritage of the National Capital Region, which is an integral part of its mandate and long-range plans, including the Plan for Canada’s Capital.

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