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Board of Directors

The NCC board of directors has 15 members, including the chairperson and the chief executive officer (CEO).


The National Capital Commission is a federal Crown corporation created by Canada’s Parliament in 1959 under the National Capital Act. Its predecessors were the Federal District Commission, created in 1927, and the Ottawa Improvement Commission, created in 1899.

The NCC is subject to the accountability regime set out in Part X of the Financial Administration Act. It reports to Parliament through the minister designated as minister responsible for the National Capital Act.

Building on more than a century of experience, the NCC provides unique value in the Capital Region by fulfilling three specific roles: long-term planner of federal lands, principal steward of nationally significant public places, and creative partner committed to excellence in development and conservation.

Long-term Planner

The NCC is the main federal urban planner in Canada’s Capital Region. In this role, the NCC works in collaboration with stakeholders to enhance the natural and cultural character of the Capital.

Principal Steward

The NCC manages Gatineau Park, the Greenbelt, the Rideau Canal Skateway, urban lands and parks, pathways, scenic parkways, real property and heritage buildings, agricultural and research facilities, and commemorative monuments. It is also the custodian of the Capital’s six official residences.

Creative Partner

The NCC encourages creativity and innovation in everything it does. This means building strong relationships with people and organizations throughout the region and across the country, including local municipalities and Indigenous communities.

The NCC has an important role to play in protecting cultural and archaeological resources, and managing them as part of Canada’s legacy.

Facts about the NCC


Jean-Yves Duclos
The Honourable Jean-Yves Duclos

Number of employees

419 (2017)

Portfolio of assets

As the Capital’s largest property owner, the NCC owns and manages more than 11 percent of all lands in Canada’s Capital Region. We also own more than 1,600 properties in our real estate portfolio, including the Capital’s six official residences; commercial, residential and heritage buildings; and agricultural facilities.

Economic contribution to the region

The NCC makes a significant economic contribution to Canada’s Capital Region, awarding about 4,000 contracts a year, valued at some $53 million. Our green assets, such as Gatineau Park, also support job creation and economic development, and are a valuable source of natural capital.

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