The NCC’s scenic parkways are gateways into Canada’s Capital Region, which offer beautiful perspectives of the Capital to residents and visitors. Ninety kilometres of parkways — featuring shorelines, green spaces and pathways — run through the Capital: 52 kilometres in Ottawa and 38 kilometres in Gatineau Park.

The NCC and its predecessors have been building and managing parkways in the region since 1899. The parkways are cultural landscapes, linking important landmarks within the Capital, including Parliament Hill and many national museums and institutions.

Managing the parkways

The NCC undertakes the following to maintain the scenic nature of the parkways :

  • limiting signage and lighting
  • prohibiting commercial vehicles
  • restricting access to prevent congestion
  • landscaping the parkways to enhance views.

The NCC is also responsible for road maintenance and the traffic regulations that apply to the parkways.

Races and public events

The parkways are sometimes used for public events such as running and cycling competitions. A permit is needed to organize an event on one of the parkways.

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