The NCC’s national board of directors brings together people of relevant professional backgrounds from the Capital Region and across Canada.

As defined in the National Capital Act, the board consists of a chairperson, a chief executive officer (CEO) and 13 other members from the Capital Region and other parts of the country. The mayors of the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau are also participants in all board meetings, on an ex-officio, non-voting basis.

Board Members

Tobi Nussbaum

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Sutcliffe

Non-voting ex-officio participant

Roles and Responsibilities of the Board

The board of directors is responsible for the oversight and direction of the NCC’s activities and assets. In carrying out this role, the board of directors undertakes the following:

  • Sets broad strategic directions for the organization;
  • Ensures the effective and efficient use of corporate resources;
  • Monitors and reviews corporate performance and risks;
  • Approves key accountability documents for the government, such as the corporate plan, annual report and quarterly financial reports;
  • Approves significant projects and transactions to be undertaken by the organization; and
  • Communicates and fosters relationships with government, stakeholders and the public.

In its corporate oversight role, the board of directors plays an active part in setting and monitoring management direction. The CEO is accountable to the board of directors for the management of the NCC’s activities and the implementation of the board’s strategic directions for the coming year.

The CEO reports to the board of directors on corporate performance at the start of each board meeting, by presenting a report on activities.

Board Meetings

The board meets in person, as well as via teleconference on an as-required basis throughout the year. Four times a year, the board also meets in an open public session.

The public is invited to attend the public session in person or to view the proceedings online, via live webcast on YouTube. Live updates of meeting proceedings are also provided via social media. Meeting agendas and other documents, such as the CEO’s report on activities, are also posted on the NCC website.

Next Public Meeting

  • June 2024

Previous Public Meetings

  • October 2021
  • June 2021
  • April 2021
  • January 2021
  • October 2020
  • June 2020
  • April 2020
  • January 2020

The NCC also holds an annual public meeting. At the annual public meeting, members of the public are able to express their ideas and ask questions directly to the board. The scope of the annual public meeting includes direct public input in a workshop to discuss the NCC’s strategic priorities for the coming year.

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