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Documents and summaries

Federal Land Use and Design Approval - Energy Services Acquisition Program Modernized Gatineau Energy Centre


The Board of Directors approved the final developed design for the Modernized Gatineau Energy Centre - MGEC, which will be located at 83 Sacré-Coeur Boulevard. The new centre will be a central heating and cooling plant powered by electricity. The plant will be constructed largely underground. The site will be converted into a publicly accessible green space with pedestrian connections to the surrounding neighbourhood.

The construction of this centre is set to start in June 2023 and is part of Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Energy Services Acquisition Program. This program will modernize the energy system that heats and cools over 80 federal buildings in the National Capital Region.

Building LeBreton Project Update


The Building LeBreton project keeps moving forward. The Board of Directors received updates today.

Library Parcel development

Dream LeBreton is making good progress on this project, located at 665 Albert Street. They are currently going through the federal design approval and municipal site plan control processes. Construction is set to start in 2023.

The project has also received approval from the City of Ottawa to develop and connect a wastewater energy transfer system, which will be the first of its kind in Ottawa. This system will support the Building LeBreton project’s zero-carbon sustainability strategy.

Master Concept Plan implementation

We will be adding benches and shaded spots in the pathway area west of Pimisi O-Train Station. This comes after we successfully finished building the LeBreton Flats pathway in the summer of 2022. The improvements will make the area more comfortable and enjoyable for people.

NCC Major Projects

  • Presentation (PDF)
  • Submission (PDF)


The NCC’s major projects are moving along. The Board of Directors received updates on the following projects:

Rideau Canal Lighting System Rehabilitation: The Rideau Canal is at the heart of the National Capital Region’s identity. The lighting systems within the Rideau Canal corridor have deteriorated beyond their useful lifecycle. Large sections of lighting are no longer functional and other sections are at imminent risk of failure, creating health and safety concerns for the public. The NCC, in collaboration with the City of Ottawa, is beginning work in the coming months to replace and repair these systems. The work is expected to be completed in 2025.

Kìwekì Point Redevelopment: Construction is ongoing, and a universally accessible pedestrian bridge will be installed spanning from Major’s Hill Park to Kìwekì Point. The new park and bridge are scheduled for completion in late 2023, for an official opening in the summer of 2024.

NCC River House Revitalization: The NCC River House underwent extensive renovations to protect this heritage building and to make it universally accessible for all Canadians to enjoy year-round. Work is currently underway to transform the shoreline to provide a unique experience as well as new public recreational opportunities. This phase of the work is scheduled to be completed in 2023.

Parliament Hill Escarpment Rehabilitation: Major flooding severely damaged a segment of the Parliament Hill escarpment in 2019. This project will improve stability following significant erosion. The Parliament Hill escarpment holds a Classified heritage designation and is of cultural significance. This project will be completed by the fall of 2024.

Lady Grey Drive Wall Replacement: The Lady Grey Drive wall will be replaced to improve its structural integrity. Work started in March 2023 and is scheduled to be completed in 2026. This project aligns with the vision for the Rideau to Rideau cultural and historic precinct, which will include the construction of a promenade connecting the Rideau Canal to Rideau Falls.

Champlain Bridge Rehabilitation: The rehabilitation of the Champlain Bridge started in August 2022. Phase 2 of the project started in March 2023 and will be completed this fall. To minimize the impact on residents, project timelines have been accelerated with the objective of completing the work eight months ahead of schedule.

Westboro Beach Area Redevelopment Project:
This area is one of the green spaces covered by the Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park Plan that aims to create an iconic Capital Park strengthening the relationship between people, nature, and the culture of the Ottawa River. The site design improves park amenities, access, movement, shoreline views and habitat. This project is ongoing with completion scheduled in 2024.

Philippe Lake Campground Rehabilitation: This project will significantly improve the future camping experience by creating modern and accessible facilities and reducing the area’s overall environmental impact. This project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2024.

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