Watch the next NCC Board of Directors meeting in person or via webcast on YouTube.

Date and time

Thursday, April 18
10 am to 11:50 am
(Subject to change without notice.)


In-person, at 40 Elgin, Ottawa ON K1P 1C7. You can also watch the NCC Board of Directors meeting via webcast on YouTube.

Documents and summaries

National Printing Bureau Rehabilitation

The Board of Directors has approved the schematic design for the rehabilitation of the National Printing Bureau and Central Heating and Cooling Plant buildings at 45 Sacré-Coeur Boulevard in Gatineau.

Building on the Site Master Plan, which was approved in January 2023, the schematic design identifies elements to be rehabilitated or replaced, as well as renovations and retrofits to interior spaces.

The developed design stage will follow the schematic design and project approvals, at which point outstanding NCC comments and site landscape topics will be addressed.

National Research Council Campus Master Plan

The Board of Directors has approved the National Research Council Campus Master Plan.

The Master Plan guides the renewal of aging infrastructure, including buildings, equipment and information management / technology, as well as the Labs Canada initiative. This will ensure cost-effective and sustainable growth over the next 30 years.

Public Services and Procurement Canada is responsible for this project.

Ottawa River North Shore Parklands Plan

The Board of Directors has approved an amendment to the Ottawa River North Shore Parklands Plan. The new “mixed-use area (Montcalm)” designation will make it possible to implement the redevelopment plan for Brewery Creek federal lands. In particular, the amendment will ensure sustainable mixed use of the built environment, improved public access to the creek and its shoreline, and improved connectivity for public transit and active mobility networks.

Acquisitions and partnerships, Gatineau Park and ecological corridors

The Board of Directors was briefed on recent progress on acquiring private properties in Gatineau Park. From January 2008 to January 2024, the NCC acquired 269.26 ha of private land within Gatineau Park. The purchase of these 63 properties has reduced the total area of private land in the Park by over 40%.

These acquisitions and the national partnership program for ecological corridors are funded by the Government of Canada’s Greening Government Fund.

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