Watch the next NCC Board of Directors meeting via webcast on YouTube.

Date and time

Thursday, January 25 (online)
11:15 am to 12:30 pm
(Subject to change without notice.)


Online. You can watch the NCC Board of Directors meeting via webcast on YouTube.

Documents and summaries

Global Affairs Canada Commemorative Artwork

The Board of Directors has approved the 99% Developed Design of the Global Affairs Canada (GAC) Commemorative Artwork. This is the last approval before construction.

The monument will be a lasting tribute to employees of the Government of Canada working in GAC missions abroad. It will recognize their dedication and their sacrifices, and as well as those of their families.

GAC announced the winning design, Analemma by Team MacLeod, in April 2022. The design is inspired by the figure-eight shape created by tracing the sun’s annual movement.

The commemorative artwork will be located at 111 Sussex Drive in Ottawa.

Learn more about Global Affairs Commemorative Artwork. Learn more about Team MacLeod’s Analemma concept.

Building LeBreton Update

The NCC has agreed to an offer to lease with Canadian developers Avenue 31 Capital Inc. and Cogir to develop a 1.63-hectare portion of the Flats District at LeBreton Flats.

With this offer to lease on the Flats Phase development, the NCC is moving forward with the implementation of its LeBreton Flats Master Concept Plan. This agreement will create a range of housing types and options and enhance community diversity and inclusivity.

Housing and affordability

Following the conclusion of a lease, Avenue 31 Capital Inc. and Cogir would develop four parcels of land (1.63 hectares) within the Flats District to create a new sustainable and inclusive residential-focused community. This next phase of development will deliver more than 900 much-needed homes in the core of the Capital, including affordable residential units and units with at least three bedrooms. The Master Concept Plan aims for at least 25% of all residential housing to be affordable.

Sustainability and mobility

The Master Concept Plan aims for LeBreton Flats to become one of the most sustainable communities in the country. To get there, new developments, including this one, will be connected to a future energy district system, making it more energy efficient than having a system in each building.

Sustainability also extends to the design of the community. This development will have pedestrian-friendly streets and transit and active transportation as the preferred modes of travel.

Next steps

In 2024, the NCC will negotiate the lease with the proponent, who will begin due diligence and work on the design for the development. The design will need the NCC’s approval, through the FLUDTA process.

The Flats Phase Development

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