On April 18, the NCC Board of Directors met to discuss recent and upcoming projects. Here are the highlights presented in my Report on Activities.

24 Sussex Drive

In May 2023, we began a significant project at 24 Sussex Drive to improve and preserve the building. We’ve successfully completed several tasks, including:

  • Removing and safely storing historical elements like doors and moldings
  • Eliminating asbestos, a hazardous material
  • Updating the old mechanical, heating, and electrical systems

We still need to insulate the exterior walls and install electric heat pumps, which will help maintain the building’s temperature.

Kìwekì Point in Fall 2023.
Kìwekì Point in Fall 2023.

Infrastructure Projects

  • Kìwekì Point is almost finished after four years of work. We’re planning a big opening for early this summer. It’s going to be a place that shows off Canadian pride.
  • We’re replacing lights on Farm Drive, along the NCC’s Scenic Driveway from Holland Avenue to Ash Lane.
  • The Building LeBreton project is moving forward with construction at 665 Albert Street. The developer, Dream, aims to welcome residents by 2026. The new central library, Ādisōke, is also under construction, bringing a new district to life.

NCC Resources

Sunset on the Ottawa River from a lookout with a bench.

Parkways Program

Stay tuned for the official details of the NCC Weekend Bikedays program, which we’ll release next week.

Community Engagement

Lilli and Dr. Rachel Buxton installing acoustic recording devices on a tree in Gatineau Park.

Environmental Sustainability

We’ve enhanced Gatineau Park’s visitor experience and emphasized conservation through various programs, including guided snowshoe tours for new Canadians and educational outings for students. And, in May, we’re launching a free shuttle service in Gatineau Park to protect wildlife and improve park access.

We’re funding studies on the effects of traffic on wildlife and the impact of invasive fish in the park’s lakes. We’re also wrapping up a three-year project focused on monitoring and safeguarding plant species at risk within Gatineau Park. Our goal is to protect these vulnerable plants and ensure their survival.

Top Employer

For the fifth consecutive year, the National Capital Commission has been acknowledged as one of the ‘Top Employers in the National Capital Region.’ This recognition highlights our commitment to providing a positive and supportive work environment for our employees.

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