Located in the south end of Ottawa, Pine Grove is the largest forest in the Greenbelt, and is a mixture of tree plantations and natural forests. On the Pine Grove Forestry Trail, visitors can discover the trees of the region through a series of interpretation panels.

Pine Grove Forest is also an important plant and wildlife habitat. Explore nature on 18.4 kilometres of trails: you’ll get a healthy dose of fresh air and may also get a chance to observe some of the forest inhabitants.


Points of interest

Nature trails for hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing

Pine Grove’s trails have many loops, allowing for shorter or longer outings among the towering pine trees. Access to all trails is free.

  • Trail 45 starts at parking lot P19 and links to trail 44.
  • Trail 44 links to the Pine Grove Forestry Trail (43) near parking lot P18.
  • The Greenbelt Pathway East connects from the west to trails 43 and 44.

Discover the Greenbelt’s trails for hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Interpretive walks and photography

Take a walk on the Pine Grove Forestry Trail (43). As you follow the interpretation panels on forest management, you’ll learn about how to identify various tree species.

Start your journey at P18, and don’t forget to bring your camera. From tall pine tress that almost seem to touch the sky, to a variety of interesting wildlife, there’s much to capture the eye.

Conroy Pit off-leash dog park

Conroy Pit is a popular off-leash dog park. Dogs are permitted off leash only in the designated area. They must be on a leash everywhere else, including the parking lot (P17), and are not allowed at the toboggan hill.

Conroy Pit Toboggan Hill

Pack up the family, and head out to the Conroy Pit Toboggan Hill (P17). Sledding down this snowy hill will surely thrill both young and young at heart.


  • Parking: Free, year-round parking is available at parking lots P17, P18 and P19.
  • Washrooms: An outhouse is located by parking lot P18, near Trail 44 and Trail 43.
  • Picnic area: There is a picnic area by parking lot P18, near Trail 44 and Trail 43.
  • Universal accessibility: These trails do not meet universal accessibility standards.
  • Hours, directions, maps and planning tools

About Pine Grove

Plant and wildlife observation

The red pine plantation from the 1950s today attracts red-breasted nuthatches, pine warblers and pine siskins. The poorly drained area at the centre of the trail loop has a wetland with marsh plants, which attracts beavers and muskrats.

Other nearby activities

Scenic bike rides

Enjoy cycling on the Greenbelt Pathway East. Along the way, you’ll pass scenic farmlands and forests.

Greenbelt farms nearby

Make the most of your outing! After your hike, visit a Greenbelt farm — and take home fresh, local produce. Eating well tastes so good!

East of Pine Grove, Ottawa Farm Fresh offers seasonal fruits and vegetables at their farm store. They also host a variety of activities on weekends. Find out more in our Farms to visit section.

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