Discover the Greenbelt

The Greenbelt features over 150 kilometres of recreational trails, which link to the Capital Pathway network, the Rideau Trail and the Trans Canada Trail. Once completed, the Greenbelt Pathway will be a continuous 56-kilometre recreational corridor extending from one side of the Greenbelt to the other.

Canada’s Capital Greenbelt is a conservation area covering 20,000 hectares. It features agricultural farms, forests, sand dunes, and wetland areas such as swamps and bogs.

In the Shirleys Bay area, there are seven kilometres of hiking trails, as well as 19.3 kilometres of pathways for walking, biking (fat biking in winter), skiing and snowshoeing. The trails in Shirleys Bay Conservation Area are part of the Great Trail. When hiking or walking through the Shirleys Bay Conservation Area, you will see fallow fields, young forests and views of the Ottawa River.

Stony Swamp has 40.9 kilometres of hiking trails which connect to the Trans Canada Trail and the Rideau Trail. The following trails have boardwalks :

- Jack Pine Trail
- Beaver and Chipmunk Trails
- Sarsaparilla Trail
- Old Quarry Trail

Stony Swamp trails pass through woodlands, an old quarry with unusual geology, beaver ponds, beaver dams and an old lime kiln.
Southern Farm and Pinhey Forest has 6.4 kilometres of trails that pass through mixed, red maple and mature coniferous forests.
The Pine Grove area has 18.4 kilometres of hiking trails. This large forested area has a mix of native woods and plantations. Pine Grove Forest is an important wildlife habitat and includes a self-guided forestry interpretation trail and a tree-identification arboretum.

At Mer Bleue, there are 21.7 kilometres of hiking trails. A great hike is the six-kilometre forest trail that goes up to a sandy escarpment overlooking the bog. The Mer Bleue Bog Trail is a boardwalk that allows you to explore the heart of the bog and discover its many interesting facets — it’s an ideal spot to take young children for a walk.

Green's Creek Trails and Pathways
Greens Creek Trails and Pathways At Green's Creek, there are 5.5 kilometres of trails that cut through clay and post-glacial fossils from the ancient Champlain sea. Natural lookouts offer striking views of the Green's Creek valley. The Greenbelt Pathway East offers 4.6 kilometres of paths for walking and connects to the Ottawa River Pathway.


- Free, year-round parking is available at the P26 parking lot.
- The Greenbelt Pathway East is universally accessible.

Trail Courtesy in Winter

If you are walking or snowshoeing on trails used for cross-country skiing, please stay well to the side of the ski tracks.