Pack up the family and head out to one of the toboggan hills in Canada’s Capital Greenbelt. These snowy hills are some of the best in the Ottawa region, and will surely thrill both young and young at heart.

Bruce Pit

The Bruce Pit Toboggan Hill is located in the Stony Swamp section of the Greenbelt. The hill offers great daytime sliding, but is not lit at night.

Conroy Pit

The Conroy Pit Toboggan Hill is located in the Pine Grove Forest section of the Greenbelt. This hill is lit at night.

Green’s Creek

There are also toboggan hills at Green’s Creek.

All the toboggan hills are maintained by the City of Ottawa. For more information, contact the City of Ottawa or visit the City’s website for updates.

Safety Information

Have a fun and safe time tobogganing. Please follow these rules and safety tips:

  • Always use caution when sledding, and keep to the sides when climbing up the hills.
  • It is recommended that children be equipped with appropriate protective head gear.
  • Snowboarding and jumping (off snow bumps) are not permitted.
  • Stay off the toboggan hills when they are closed.

Users toboggan at their own risk at all times.

Locate these hills on our #WinterCapital interactive map.

Temporary Closures

Throughout the winter, toboggan hills may be temporarily closed when conditions deteriorate and pose a hazard to users. When toboggan hills are closed, signs are posted at the hill, and a closure announcement is posted on our website.


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