The National Capital Greenbelt is open year-round, except during extreme weather. Check for closures before you leave.

Mer Bleue (P22): The gate opens daily at 8 am, and closes at sunset. In summer, the gate closes at 9 pm sharp.


Driving to the Greenbelt

The Greenbelt occupies a vast territory that forms a horseshoe shape around Ottawa, from west to south, and east to north. Plan your trip based on your chosen destination parking lot. All are easily located using the Greenbelt All Seasons Trail Map.

Taking public transit to the Greenbelt

The Greenbelt is not serviced by public transit.

Walking or cycling to the Greenbelt

For many Ottawa residents, access to the Greenbelt is just steps from their front door and, for cyclists, it can be just a few minutes away. Learn more about cycling in the Greenbelt.

Maps and planning tools

Greenbelt All Seasons Trail Map
Greenbelt Trail Map Preview

Discover the different sectors of the National Capital Greenbelt with the 2020–2022 All Seasons Trail Map ($5.65, tax not included), on sale at these partner locations:

  • Bushtukah (230 Richmond Road, Ottawa)
  • World of Maps (1191 Wellington Street West, Ottawa)

Discovery brochures and self-guided tours

Never been to the Greenbelt before? Or would you like to discover new parts of this vast green space? Get an overview of the Greenbelt, and find out what’s unique about this special place in our brochure.

    Want to learn more about the landscapes that you visit in the Greenbelt? Here are two suggestions for self-guided tours:

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