The parks in Canada’s Capital Region are inspired by, and reflective of, our shared histories. The NCC’s Park Bench Dedication Program shines light on stories dear to Canadians from all walks of life.

Though this program, it is now possible to dedicate personalized bench plaques in some of the most beautiful parks in Ottawa–Gatineau. This lasting tribute is a unique way to celebrate a special occasion or honour the memory of a loved one.

Dedicated bench plaque, reading “For Keith Stuart Fillmore — remembered always with love, and a smile.”

A donation of $4,000 will fund the dedication of a personalized bronze plaque, its installation and maintenance for 10 years.

‘’Every month, we go meet her at her bench, in front of Dows Lake. She was so in love with this place.’’ —Tamara Levine, on the park bench dedicated to her mother

About the application process

Anyone can apply to the NCC’s Park Bench Dedication Program. Dedication is made through a 10-year contract between the donor and the NCC.

Our program officer will consider applications as they are received. Existing sites are available in most NCC-managed parks on a first-come, first-served basis.

Park bench site map

This program is available in parks such as Major’s Hill Park and Confederation Park, along the Voyageurs Pathway and in a few places in Gatineau Park.

Explore the pre-selected sites using our interactive map, and pick the three sites you’re most interested in. Write down their unique identification numbers; you’ll need the numbers to complete your application.

We are currently reviewing the benches available on the Quebec side. Should you not find the location you’re interested in, please contact our program officer at

Application form

Reserve your bench today by completing the following form. Upon receipt of your application, our program officer will contact you to go over the application and next steps.

Important: An agreement must be signed and confirmed before your donation is made.

If you have any questions that our “terms and conditions” section does not answer, contact

Terms and conditions


  • A donation of $4,000 will fund the dedication of a personalized bronze plaque, its installation and maintenance for 10 years.
  • Prices and renewal fees are subject to change, and may be adjusted annually as required.
  • Receipt of the donation amount in full is required for the NCC to initiate the process.
  • The NCC will issue Canadian income tax receipts to donors by the end of February of each year. The cost of the plaque will be deducted from the donation.
  • Donations are non-refundable.
  • Donations do not grant ownership of the bench, the land upon which it is situated or the surrounding lands.

Contract term

  • Dedications expire 10 years from the date of installation, and can be renewed at the rate in effect at the time of expiry.
  • The NCC will notify the donor three months (90 days) before the renewal date. If no renewal agreement is in place before the dedication expiry date, the site will be made available for others’ dedications.
  • Each donor is responsible for informing the NCC of changes to their contact information, such as telephone number, email address and mailing address during the 10-year period.
  • Plaques will be given to the donor after the 10-year term, if the contract is not renewed.


  • Benches are usually in place from the May long weekend until the September long weekend. The length of the season can vary, based on weather conditions and maintenance needs.
  • Most of the benches are made of ash, but the style of bench may vary.
  • The physical location and orientation of the bench, as well as its repair or replacement, are the sole discretion of the NCC.
  • The bench will be maintained to NCC standards, approximately every two years.
  • Once a location has been chosen by a donor, this will be the permanent location of the plaque for the 10-year commitment. However, from time to time, a bench may be moved to a spot within close proximity to accommodate construction and/or maintenance. The NCC will inform the donor of any changes that require relocation.


  • Only one plaque per bench is allowed.
  • Custom-designed plaques supplied by the donor are not allowed.
  • All dedicated benches will be identified on the NCC interactive map with a picture, along with the message as it appears on the plaque.


  • Plaques allow for a total of three lines of bilingual text with 55 characters per line (spaces and punctuation count as characters).
  • Texts must be bilingual. Translation services will be provided by the NCC.
  • Texts must be submitted within 30 days of funding.
  • Texts must be reviewed and approved by the NCC. See Plaque Content Guidelines.


  • Installations take approximately 8 to 10 months.
  • Installations are done twice a year, in the spring and fall.
  • The NCC cannot guarantee the installation date. The NCC will notify you once the installation is completed.


    • If a plaque is stolen or vandalized, the NCC will cover the cost of a one-time replacement.
    • The NCC does not allow burial, interment of ashes or placement of memorial items under, near, around or on commemorative items in the park or in a public place.
    • Altering dedicated park amenities or their surroundings is not allowed. This includes etching, painting, staining, varnishing, decorating or attaching items to the dedicated park amenity. Dedicated park amenities that have been altered will be removed. Replacement and repair costs will be billed to the individual or organization responsible for the alteration.
    • The NCC retains the right to use the land adjacent to dedicated park amenities as it deems appropriate. The NCC will inform the donor of any changes that require relocation.
    • Park maintenance, park upgrades or special events in parks, including filming, may require temporary removal of dedicated park amenities.