Year-round dog walking

In the Greenbelt, you can walk your leashed dog at any time of year on the three pathways that are part of the Capital Pathway network:

  • Greenbelt Pathway East
  • Greenbelt Pathway West
  • Watts Creek Pathway

Throughout the year, you can let your dog run free at two off-leash dog areas in the Greenbelt: Bruce Pit (P12) and Conroy Pit (P17).

April 15 to November 30

You may walk your leashed pet on most Greenbelt trails managed by the NCC. There are, however, some trails where dogs are prohibited. These restrictions are primarily for conservation reasons.

December 1 to April 14

In winter, dogs are not allowed on any Greenbelt trails, as they are open only for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing and hiking.

No dogs or pets

Dogs are not permitted at any time on the following trails:

Shirleys Bay

  • Shoreline Trail

Stony Swamp

Mer Bleue

  • Mer Bleue Bog Trail
  • Dewberry Trail
  • Carlsbad Springs


Follow the NCC’s animal regulations when out walking with your pet.

Follow Leave No Trace Canada’s principles of outdoor ethics.

Why is access limited for dogs in the winter?

There is a big difference between summer and winter in terms of the number of trails where you can walk your leashed dog in the Greenbelt. And here’s the reason why.

Even when leashed, dogs are a source of stress for wildlife. In winter, the colder temperatures, difficulty moving through snow and scarcity of food make survival difficult for wild animals. To help protect them, the NCC limits the number of places where dogs are allowed during the cold winter months.