Although most Greenbelt trails are commonly used for cross-country skiing in the winter, there are also some great spots for snowshoeing. Access to all trails is free.

Try one of the suggested loops for snowshoeing using our #WinterCapital interactive map.

Check for trail closures before you leave.

Stony Swamp Conservation area

At Stony Swamp, the Jack Pine, Beaver, Chipmunk and Sarsaparilla trails are excellent for snowshoeing and walking.

This 3.1-kilometre trail includes three loops, and crosses three beaver ponds.

This 1.9-kilometre route connects to the Rideau Trail, a network of trails that goes all the way to Kingston, Ontario. With access to an observation blind, the Beaver and Chipmunk trails are great for spotting wildlife.

Just under a kilometre in length, this loop has a dock extending onto a beaver pond.

Mer Bleue Conservation Area

Mer Bleue has two short loops that are ideal for snowshoeing or a winter walk.

Come and explore the heart of Mer Bleue on this 1.2-kilometre self-guided interpretation trail. This area is great for photography and nature observation.

This one-kilometre loop is located on the Dolman Ridge. The trail is shared between cross-country skiers and hikers.

Winter Trail Courtesy

Some sectors of the Greenbelt have trails that are groomed for skiing by the Urban Winter Trails Alliance. Learn more.

If you are walking or snowshoeing on trails used for cross-country skiing, please stay well to the side of the ski tracks.


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