The Jack Pine Trail is located in the Stony Swamp sector, the largest wooded area in Canada’s Capital Greenbelt. It is a central point for many trails in Stony Swamp, making each visit a new adventure.


  • When out enjoying nature, please follow the principles of outdoor ethics.
  • For conservation reasons, dogs are not permitted on the Jack Pine Trail.
  • To help you prepare for a safe and enjoyable outing, check out these tips about safety in the Greenbelt.

Points of interest

Nature trails and boardwalk lookouts

  • The Jack Pine Trail (Trail 26) crosses beaver ponds where you can observe many species of ducks and frogs. Start at parking lot P9.
  • The trail is divided into three loops — short (0.7 km), medium (1.7 km) and long (2.3 km) — and it features interpretation panels along the way.

Discover the Greenbelt’s trails for hiking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.


  • Parking: Free, year-round parking is available at parking lot P9.
  • Washrooms: Two universally accessible outhouses are located at parking lot P9.
  • Picnic area: There is an unsheltered picnic area by the Jack Pine Trail (P9).
  • Universal accessibility: These trails do not meet universal accessibility standards.

About Jack Pine Trail

Plant and wildlife observation

The wide diversity of habitats supports many different bird species and over 560 native plant species.

  • The wetlands seen from Trail 26 are a nesting site for great egrets.
  • Discover the remarkable trees in this area.

Other nearby activities

Greenbelt farms nearby

Make the most of your outing! After your hike, visit a Greenbelt farm — and take home fresh, local produce.

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