Trail Length   Trail Type   Level of Difficulty
0.7 km | 1.7 km | 2.3 km

The Jack Pine Trail is located in the Stony Swamp sector, the largest wooded area in the Greenbelt. It is divided in three loops: a short (0.7 km), a medium (1.7 km) and a long (2.3 km) one. The variation in habitats in Stony Swamp supports a wide variety of plant life.

Recommended activities

  • Hiking
    • Free. Year-round.
    • A central point for many trails in Stony Swamp.
    • A large network of trails allows for a variety of hikes — and a different adventure with each visit.
  • Cross-country skiing and snowshoeing
    • Free. December to March, conditions permitting.
  • Plant and wildlife observation
    • The wide diversity of habitats supports many different bird species and over 560 native plant species.
    • The wetland near Trail 26 is a nesting site for great egrets.
  • Picnic
    • There is a picnic table near the parking lot.

Trail code of ethics

Rules have been established to ensure that everyone can enjoy the area, today and in the future. Learn more here.