The Capital Pathway is a multi-use pathway network for everyone, during the winter as well.

Sharing the path in winter is just as important so that everyone can have fun. Whether you are skiing, running, walking, winter biking, snowshoeing, hiking, or walking with your children or your leashed dog, it’s always nicer, and of course safer, when people are considerate of one another.

During winter, close to 100 kilometres of the Capital Pathway become groomed, multi-use winter trails. This is possible because of the efforts of the hard-working volunteers of the Urban Winter Trails Alliance.

At all times, be kind and share the path

All pathway users should be considerate of other users. Children should be taught this as well.

Don’t tread on ski tracks

When walking, snowshoeing or biking, please stay well to the side of the ski tracks to avoid damaging them. The ski tracks are groomed by hard-working volunteers so that people can enjoy cross-country skiing.

Don’t block the path

Keep things moving in both directions, and make sure that there’s room for others to pass. Stay to the right, pass left. Please move completely off the pathway when you stop.

Courtesy and rules by activity

Winter cyclists must yield to pedestrians, skiers and snowshoers, and ride in single file. If you want to pass, clearly and politely communicate your intention to other users.

Skiers should also stay in single file. Since poles are required for this activity, it is important to be aware of your surroundings, and keep a good distance from other users.

Snowshoers should keep a fair distance to the right-hand side of the ski tracks.

Pedestrians must walk no more than two abreast, and at a fair distance to the right-hand side of the ski tracks.

When walking your leashed dog, please keep your pet on a short leash, and a good distance away from the ski tracks. Remember that neither the animal nor the leash should block the path.

Etiquette to follow at other sites

In Gatineau Park, some trails are designated for only one type of activity, while others are shared. Learn the etiquette and rules to follow for these trails.

In the Greenbelt, all natural trails are shared, year-round. However, some sectors of the Greenbelt have trails that are groomed for skiing by volunteers.

Guidelines for safety and security

At all times, be safe in the great outdoors

With everyone’s cooperation we can all safely enjoy the outdoors this winter.

Be predictable and alert

Look and listen. The first defence against accidents is to be aware of your surroundings. Put your headphones and phone away, so that you can hear others.

Be safe and cautious, and be visible in the dark

Lights and reflectors on clothing, equipment and pets allow other users to see where you are, especially at night or when visibility is poor.

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