We are protecting and restoring shorelines on NCC-managed lands.

We have committed to two actions and four indicators under the “Pristine lakes and rivers” goal. 

Our actions

Each action has a set of indicators — with clear, concrete and measurable targets — to evaluate success. The status of each are as reported in the 2019-2020 annual report.

5.1 Prioritize and restore shorelines on NCC-managed lands.

Complete an assessment of threatened archaeological sites on NCC-managed shorelines | Begun, on track

  • We launched Phase 1 of the assessment in 2019. It included 24 site audits, and monitoring and excavations at several sites.
  • Phase 2 will see ongoing monitoring and rescue excavations. It will also establish partnerships to rescue threatened archaeological sites.

Identify and prioritize shorelines in need of restoration | Begun, on track

  • We have identified and prioritized all shorelines in Gatineau Park, on Quebec urban lands and on official residence sites. We have identified and prioritized most of the shorelines in the Greenbelt and on Ontario urban lands.
  • We have prepared a restoration plan for a section of Black Rapids Creek. This plan will protect a buffer zone of 30 metres around the creek’s shoreline.

Stabilize and restore at least 25% of high-priority shorelines | Begun, on track

  • We restored the Harrington Lake shoreline with native plants in 2019.
  • Restoration of Meech Lake in Gatineau Park will take place along with road restoration work.
  • Shoreline restoration is ongoing on Victoria Island. We rebuilt a 300-metre section of the north shoreline in 2019 so it can better resist future flooding.
  • We have restored many sections of the shoreline along the Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway. This restoration work will protect the shoreline habitat and the pathway.

5.2 Continue to set up shoreline buffer zones on leased properties.

All new leases include measures to protect shorelines | Begun, on track

  • Agricultural tenants must follow best practices in line with the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs and regional conservation authorities. These practices include keeping a buffer of at least 3 metres along water bodies, ponds, springs, ditches and/or watercourses.
  • All other leases need shoreline protection measures for projects carried out on lands next to shorelines.


Begun, on track: Work toward this action has begun, and the project is on track to be completed on time and for the target to be met.
 Begun, off track: Work toward this action has begun, and issues have arisen that have required the timeline for the completion of the project to be extended or that will make it difficult to meet the target.
Will not meet target OR Target not met: The target for this action will not be met or has not been met.
Not yet begun: Work toward this action has not yet begun.