We will use energy from renewable sources.

We have committed to two actions and two indicators under the “Clean energy” goal. 

Our actions

Each action has a set of indicators — with clear, concrete and measurable targets — to evaluate success. The status of each are as reported in the 2019-2020 annual report.

4.1 Study the renewable energy potential of NCC-managed lands and buildings.

Complete a renewable energy assessment on NCC-managed lands | Not yet begun

  • We have not yet begun work toward this action.

4.2 Connect more buildings to the PSPC district energy system.

Increase the number of buildings connected to the PSPC energy system | Begun, on track

  • The new Library and Archives Canada building at LeBreton Flats is planned to be connected to the district energy system. We are also planning to connect 14 of our buildings to this system.


Begun, on track: Work toward this action has begun, and the project is on track to be completed on time and for the target to be met.
 Begun, off track: Work toward this action has begun, and issues have arisen that have required the timeline for the completion of the project to be extended or that will make it difficult to meet the target.
Will not meet target OR Target not met: The target for this action will not be met or has not been met.
Not yet begun: Work toward this action has not yet begun.