We are protecting wildlife and wildlife habitats on the lands we manage.

We have committed to four actions and seven indicators under the “Healthy wildlife populations” goal. 

Our actions

Each action has a set of indicators — with clear, concrete and measurable targets — to evaluate success. The status of each are as reported in the 2019-2020 annual report.

7.1 Adopt bird-friendly standards for building and landscape design.

Adopt bird-friendly standards |  Completed

  • We have developed Bird-Safe Design Guidelines. The document offers best practices for building, lighting and landscape design on federal lands in the National Capital Region. But they can also be applied to all types of buildings in any region. These guidelines were developed with input from FLAP Canada and Safe Wings Ottawa. They are in line with the Canadian Standards Association’s Bird-Friendly Building Design standard (A460:19).

Apply bird-friendly standards in all new projects | Begun, on track

  • Most project proposals already have to address the potential for bird collisions. Once we approve the bird-friendly standards, we will include them in the larger Capital design guidelines.
  • In 2019, we began studying the potential for bird collisions with our current buildings. We have assessed almost 100 buildings so far. We have also started a project to decrease bird collisions at the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre.

7.2 Identify and protect the habitats of potential species at risk.

Collect and analyze data for specific natural areas| Not yet begun

  • We have secured financial resources to begin this action in 2021–2022.

Collect and analyze data for other natural lands | Not yet begun

  • We have secured financial resources to begin this action in 2021–2022.

7.3 Create a pollinator habitat landscape program.

Adopt pollinator habitat guidelines | Begun, on track

  • We have started creating pollinator habitat guidelines. As part of this project, we held a Pollinator Habitat Restoration Workshop in April 2019.
  • We have been planting pollinator-friendly plants to restore natural areas after demolition projects.

Increase the amount of new pollinator habitat | Begun, on track

  • We converted 0.5 hectare of land into pollinator habitat in 2019. This area is just to the east of Remic Rapids Park.

7.4 Create guidelines to decrease animal deaths from road collisions.

Complete a research project about the impact of roads on wildlife | Begun, on track

  • In 2019, we ran a pilot project in Gatineau Park to monitor wildlife deaths due to road collisions.


Begun, on track: Work toward this action has begun, and the project is on track to be completed on time and for the target to be met.
 Begun, off track: Work toward this action has begun, and issues have arisen that have required the timeline for the completion of the project to be extended or that will make it difficult to meet the target.
Will not meet target OR Target not met: The target for this action will not be met or has not been met.
Not yet begun: Work toward this action has not yet begun.