Last updated: January 24, 2020

The entire trail network is recommended for cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snow biking and winter hiking. Despite the warmer temperatures, conditions vary from good to excellent for all activities.

The snow we received last week has encouraged people to take advantage of the excellent conditions in the Park, and the parking lots have often been full. This could continue to be the case, as more snow is in the forecast for Saturday afternoon. Carpooling is strongly advised.

We would like to remind you that all users — including members of groups and clubs — must have a pass (season or daily) to access cross-country ski, snowshoeing and snow biking trails. You can purchase a pass online, as well as at the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre. Daily passes are also available at parking lots with trail entrance points.

Park users are asked to obey the signage posted in the parking lots and at trail entrance points.

Trail conditions and grooming operations

Snow conditions on the trail network vary from good to excellent. Please note that leaves fallen from nearby trees may be found in some classic ski tracks after grooming operations.

All back-country trails are recommended. Those using Trail 21, are asked to please follow the trail markers and not the tracks made by other skiers leading to the first lake from Trail 3. Also, please remember that the back-country trail accessing the Carbide Willson ruins from Trail 36 is closed for the season.

To help prevent new snow from accumulating too much on the trail surface, given the snowfall forecast for Saturday afternoon until mid-day Sunday, the maintenance team will delay starting their work until Saturday night. As a result, grooming may be limited on some trails, and the amount of snow on trails may vary depending on the time at which the trails were groomed.

Here is the maintenance team’s grooming schedule for the weekend:

  • Saturday: Entire trail network will be groomed before 8 am
  • Sunday: Depending on when grooming operations begin, sometime between 2 am and 4 am, trails from the following starting points may be groomed before 9 am: P1, P2, P5, P6, P7, P8, P9, P10, P19
  • Monday and Tuesday: The maintenance team plans to blow snow onto the blue section of Trail 36 to cover rocks that are still exposed at Hope Bay, as well as on a few other sections. As a result, the trail may not be recommended during this time.

All starting points are recommended this weekend.

Please note that, over the weekend, a biathlon organized by Chelsea Nordiq, with about 150 cadets participating, will take place in the Camp Fortune sector. Competitors will use a section of the training course, Trail 14 and the loop connecting it to the firing range. They will also be using the second section of parking lot P9, from which a shuttle will depart to take them to the competition area.

Please be considerate of other users. Use only the trails designed for your activity.

Trail Conditions

With the new snow, conditions on snowshoe trails vary from good to excellent. The entire network is recommended.

With the precipitation forecast to start Saturday afternoon, the trails may be covered with fresh, soft snow, which would make for great snowshoeing conditions. Trail conditions in the northern sector will probably be better, as this sector is less busy. Also, a reminder that snowshoes must be worn if you sink more than 2.5 cm into the snow.

Recommended starting points for this weekend: P1, P2, P6, P13, P15, P17, P19, Visitor Centre

Please be considerate of other users. Use only the trails designed for your activity.

Trail Conditions

The entire network of snow biking trails is currently recommended. The warmer temperatures do not seem to have affected the conditions, which are good on the trails that are used more frequently: the base is firm, and traction is excellent. Conditions on trails that are less used may vary from one section to another. Please be cautious. Traction may be difficult, especially on the descents. This is the case in the northern sector on trails 71 and 72 (especially north of the loop) and in the southern sector on trails 68 and 76.

The snow expected to start on Saturday afternoon could leave a substantial accumulation on the trail network. Please do not use the snow biking trails if the surface has not been sufficiently compacted by snowshoers. Tire tracks can create dangerous conditions for other users when freezing temperatures occur afterward. The trails in the northern sector may be less compacted, as this area is less frequented by trail users.

Trails will be recommended as the snow gets compacted by snowshoers, probably starting on Monday.

Starting points recommended on Saturday: P1, P2, P15, P17. Visit the snow biking conditions web page before setting out, to check conditions and know what starting points are recommended.

Please be considerate of other users. Use only the trails designed for your activity.

Trail Conditions

Conditions for hiking are excellent. All trails have a fresh layer of snow covering a hard base. All four hiking trails were compacted this week.

Please be considerate of other users. Use only the trails designed for your activity.

Different trails for different activities

Be considerate of other users. Use only the trails designed for your activity. Thank you for your cooperation!

Gatineau Park Winter Passes

There is a fee to access the cross-country ski, snowshoe and snow biking trails. You can purchase a daily pass, or save with a season pass. Be sure to wear your pass in plain view.