Different trails for different activities

Please be considerate of other users. Use only the trails designed for your activity.

Before you hit Gatineau Park winter trails, get familiar with trail etiquette.

Cross-country ski, snowshoe and snowbike trail conditions are updated regularly during the winter season.

Winter hiking and walking trail conditions are updated once a week, in the section below.

Weekly Update: Trail Conditions and Grooming Operations

Last updated: February 26, 2021

With the snowfalls we’ve received over the past few days, we’re able to offer excellent conditions. The entire network will be recommended this weekend. A period of warmer weather is expected this weekend, but it should have a minimal, short-term impact on the trail network.

Be prepared for a substantial number of users on the trails this weekend. Keep an eye on the updates for parking lot capacities.

Park users are asked to obey the signage posted in the parking lots and at trail entrance points. People walking dogs are asked to please use only the four trails designated for winter hiking. To plan your outing, check trail condition updates on the web page for your particular winter activity.


Activity webpage

The snowfalls we received recently have made it possible for the maintenance team to continue widening the trails, especially on sloping sections. The fresh snow has helped cover several trail sections where debris and gravel were still to be found. Some sections of the trails may be soft.

With the precipitation forecast for Saturday, expect an accumulation of 5 to 10 cm on a mechanically groomed trail surface. Everything should be back to normal by Sunday morning.

With temperatures above freezing, skiers should expect slightly more difficult conditions during the afternoons this weekend. However, the trails will remain in excellent condition.

Rocks, gravel and other debris are present on some sections of the trails, despite the recent precipitation. Caution is advised, particularly on the descents where most skiers tend to snowplow.

Please note that, as part of a pilot project, Trail 56 between Trail 55 and Mud Lookout is now being compacted and track-set.

The maintenance team is planning to groom the entire trail network this weekend. All starting points are recommended.

Our patrollers have been inspecting backcountry trails, and conditions are excellent.


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All snowshoeing trails are recommended. The recent snowfalls have created excellent conditions.

A reminder that snowshoes are required on snowshoe trails, except when the trail surface is very hard.

Please note that dogs are not permitted on the snowshoe trails.

Recommended starting points for this weekend: P1, P2, P5, P6, P13, P15, P17, P19b and P20. With the high volume of users expected, parking lots P1, P15 and P20 may be preferable.

Snow biking

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With the recent snowfalls, there is now a substantial accumulation of snow on the trail network. However, conditions could change rapidly, given the type of snow on the ground, the warming effect of the sun on the trail surface and the degree to which the trails are being compacted by snowshoers.

Do not bike on trails that have not been sufficiently compacted by snowshoers. Tire tracks can create dangerous conditions for other users.

To help preserve the trail conditions, it is important to follow the recommendations posted on our website.

All parking lots may be recommended on Saturday, depending how trail base conditions change.


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The maintenance team is planning to compact the four hiking trails. The hard trail base is covered with a fresh layer of new snow.

You can walk your dog on the four hiking trails. As a reminder, your dog must be kept on leash at all times.