View of the Lookout in snowy conditions.

Gatineau Park has 11 kilometres of winter walking and hiking trails, ranging in level of difficulty from easy to difficult. The Park is a prime destination for outdoor activities that respect the environment.

The trails are mechanically groomed once a week. Every Friday, our team provides a weekly update on trail conditions, as well as recommended starting points for the weekend.

Access to the winter walking and hiking trails is free.

Dogs are allowed on the winter walking and hiking trails, but must be kept on a leash.

Recommended trails by sector


A woman and her two daughters walking hand in hand.

Capital Pathway

This easy 1.6-kilometre trail features beautiful natural landscapes in close proximity to the city. For a longer hike, add the Pioneers loop to this section of trail.

Starting point: P1* or P3

* Accessible by public transit.

Pioneers Trail

This easy 1.3-kilometre trail features interpretation panels that highlight the history of settlers in the Outaouais region and the Park’s forest diversity.

Starting point: P3

Old Chelsea

The Mackenzie King Ruins covered in snow.

Lauriault Trail

This difficult 4.5-kilometre trail begins at the Mackenzie King Estate, where you can admire the quaint cottages and picturesque ruins against a snowy backdrop. This was one of former prime minister William Lyon Mackenzie King’s favourite trails.

Starting point: P6 (via Kingsmere Road from Chelsea)

Sugarbush Trail

This easy 3-kilometre trail is located close to the Gatineau Park Visitor Centre, in Chelsea. It takes you on a nice walk through the forest. It is 4 km (Some sections can be omitted to decrease the total distance.)

Starting point: Visitor Centre, accessible by public transit on weekdays.

Walking tour around Old Chelsea 

 This pleasant walking tour goes through the Sugarbush Trail and the charming village of Old Chelsea. This route is 4 kilometre long, but some sections can be omitted to decrease the total distance.

Starting points: P8, Visitor Centre or Old Chelsea parking lot

Useful information

Conservation first

Gatineau Park is home to important ecosystems and habitats, including species at risk protected by law. To protect the Park for future generations, it is vital that all users play by the rules. Follow the outdoor ethics code.

Code of ethics

Before you hit Gatineau Park winter trails, get familiar with trail etiquette.

  • Stay on designated hiking trails.
  • Do not walk on ski trails. Our team works very hard at setting and maintaining the tracks for skiing. When necessary, cross ski trails at designated crossings, and yield to skiers.
  • With a season or daily pass, walking is permitted on snowshoe trails, but only when the surface is hard-packed. Pets are not allowed on snowshoe trails.

Your safety, your responsibility

Engaging in outdoor activities involves certain risks, and it is always wise to exercise caution. In winter, cold weather can present a real danger. Prepare for a safe and enjoyable outing in the Park, with these safety tips.