Gatineau Park has over 60 kilometres of snow biking trails, ranging in level of difficulty from easy to very difficult. All snow biking trails are shared with snowshoers, who have the right of way.

The trails are not mechanically compacted or groomed. Snowshoe traffic compacts the snow, so trail conditions are variable.

Interactive map and conditions

During the snow biking season, we update the interactive map and conditions table every day.

Starting points

There are 6 parking lots to start your snow bike outing from: P1*, P2*, P5, P15, P16 and P17*.

*Accessible by public transit

Access fee

There is a fee to access the snow biking trails in Gatineau Park. You can buy a daily pass, or save with a season pass. Wear your pass in plain view.

Code of ethics

Before you hit Gatineau Park winter trails, get familiar with trail etiquette.

  • Use the snow biking trails only when they are hard-packed.
  • Keep off cross-country ski trails, except at designated crossings, and yield to skiers.
  • When a snow biking trail follows a ski trail, keep to the side of the trail to avoid damaging the tracks.
  • Yield to snowshoers. You have them to thank for compacting the trails you use.

Help us protect the trails

  • Tire width must be at least 9.4 cm (3.7 inches), and tire pressure must be 10 psi or less.
  • Avoid locking your rear wheel (skidding) on downhill runs; the ruts left behind can damage the trails.
  • Get off the trails:
    • if you have trouble steering in a straight line;
    • if snow conditions are such that you have to walk your bike up small, easy hills.

Other useful information


Fat bikes are available for rent at the Relais plein air and other local shops.

Your safety, your responsibility

Engaging in outdoor activities involves certain risks, and it is always wise to exercise caution. In winter, cold weather can present a real danger. Prepare for a safe and enjoyable outing in the Park, with these safety tips.

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