Gatineau Park is the largest protected natural green space in the National Capital Region. It spans across 50 km and four municipalities: Gatineau, Chelsea, La Pêche and Pontiac.

Getting into Gatineau Park

Gatineau Park’s vast territory has many different entry points, all leading to the Visitor Centre and the main activity hubs in the park, which can usually be reached by private vehicle or bicycle, or on foot, and sometimes by public transit or shuttle bus.

Key activity hubs

Getting around Gatineau Park

Inside the Park, we encourage taking the shuttle, cycling, or hiking to get around, whenever possible.

The activity hubs are great starting points for discovering the extensive network of interconnecting trails that wind through the Park. Other entry points on the outskirts of the Park also lead to the trail network.

Getting around on the parkways

To best protect nature and also offer varied recreational experiences, private vehicle access on parkways that cross through the Park’s centre (from Gatineau to Chelsea) is limited.

From May to October, a free shuttle operates six days a week. The shuttle is an easy way to get to popular destinations when private vehicle access is limited. In winter, the parkways are closed to traffic and used as cross-country ski trails.

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