The development and maintenance of Confederation Boulevard is shaped by the Confederation Boulevard Guidelines, which were last approved in 2011. We are currently updating this document to inform and influence the long-term planning, design and stewardship for this important ceremonial route, in keeping with the National Capital Core Area Plan.

What is Confederation Boulevard?

Sussex Drive eastbound in the fall, as seen from the intersection of Sussex Drive and Murray Street. The John G. Diefenbaker building is visible in the background.

Confederation Boulevard is the NCC’s flagship ceremonial boulevard. It is a key feature of the National Capital Region’s core area.

The 7.5-kilometre route forms a loop that connects both sides of the Ottawa River and features national institutions, heritage sites, monuments and festival plazas. It includes important portions of streets in downtown Ottawa and Gatineau, such as Wellington Street, Elgin Street, Sussex Drive, Mackenzie Avenue and Laurier Street. It also includes the Alexandra and Portage bridges.

About the review process


The updated document will reflect current planning and stewardship practices and trends. Particular attention will be given to updating the guidelines regarding active mobility, public transit, accessibility, urban design and sustainability.

Updating the guidelines will help the federal government, regional partners and stakeholders achieve design excellence, in addition to guiding planning processes and investment decisions throughout the region.

Current guidelines

The current guidelines include the following principles:

  • Projecting a memorable image of Canadian values, heritage and achievements
  • Serving as a vibrant public space to experience the National Capital Region
  • Putting pedestrians first in mobility considerations
  • Ensuring universal accessibility
  • Implementing sustainability in all elements of design

In reviewing the guidelines, we will consider how these principles and supporting practices have evolved since 2011. This will allow us to better plan, design and maintain the boulevard over the long term.

Process and timeline

Fall 2023 (completed)

  • Review current guidelines and conditions

Winter-spring 2024 (in progress)

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Initial round of public engagement in alignment with the National Capital Core Area Plan

Summer-fall 2024

  • Draft updated guidelines
  • Final round of public and stakeholder engagement

Winter 2024–2025

  • Submission of updated guidelines to NCC Board of Directors for approval

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