Every weekend from May to October, the NCC opens parkways in Ottawa exclusively for active use, morning and afternoon. Whether you’re biking, walking, in-line skating, using a wheelchair or scooter, or pushing a stroller, this program is for you!

These car-free roads are a great way to experience the beauty of the National Capital Region in a fun, safe and environmentally friendly way.

Current status: The 2023 season hasn’t started yet. Sign up for the Cycling newsletter to be updated.

Safety first

Car-free roads are available to all active users — whether they’re on wheels or on foot. Please be respectful of others: ride at safe speeds, be predictable and share the path.

About the program

Since 1970, the NCC has hosted Sunday Bikedays, allowing cyclists to experience the Capital’s scenic parkways car-free. 

Today, NCC Weekend Bikedays provide about 17 kilometres of parkways to thousands of visitors, who enjoy seeing the Capital Region from a different perspective and in a fun and environmentally friendly way. The program has been replicated in many other cities around the globe.