As a dynamic public space, and an integral part of Confederation Boulevard, the new bridge will be designed with the aim of enhancing Canadians’ community, intellectual and emotional experience.

  • The new bridge will be designed as an “inclusive” public space, a place for contemplation and observation of the Capital’s national treasures. It will offer a unique and enriching experience for all Canadians. It will be designed as an urban agora, reflecting aspects of Algonquin culture.
  • The new bridge will continue to be a link between the two communities. It will be designed as an iconic and symbolic place in the heart of the nation’s capital.
  • The bridge and its approaches will be designed in such a way as to be able to host a variety of events and programming year-round.
eople gather for a picnic on the Alexandra Bridge as part of the Canada 150 events in 2017.
Credit: CBC
  • The new bridge will not only allow for civic uses (events, enjoyment of views, and so on) on the bridge itself, but will also open up other spaces to the same opportunities, including the areas under the bridge, along the riverbanks and on the bridge’s approaches.

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