We can imagine the Ottawa River, its shorelines and crossings as viewpoints for observing the national monuments and landmarks overlooking them. As an integral component of Confederation Boulevard, the Alexandra Bridge contributes to unifying the political, cultural and natural aspects of the Capital.

  • By ensuring the physical and visual continuity of Confederation Boulevard, the new bridge will preserve its unique and symbolic character. The basic principles and fundamental characteristics associated with Confederation Boulevard will be integrated into the design of the new bridge. It will become a principal component of the ceremonial route and a gateway into the communities of both Ottawa and Gatineau.
  • The design of the new bridge will include connections to the Ottawa Locks, Rideau Canal and Ottawa River Pathway at its southern approach.
  • The design will ensure better connectivity on the north shore, linking the bridge with Jacques-Cartier Park and the gardens of the Canadian Museum of History.
  • The design will ensure proper flow for pedestrian and cyclist traffic on the new bridge, through well-defined and separated corridors. Like the national buildings and surrounding landscape, the design of the new bridge will provide generous space for pedestrians and cyclists. It will prioritize the comfort, safety and well-being of pedestrians and cyclists. A slow zone for cyclists is planned for the bridge approaches.
  • Good vehicle traffic flow will be ensured through the proper configuration of the approaches on both sides of the river.
  • Like Confederation Boulevard, the bridge and its approaches will be universally accessible.