The new bridge will be designed as a contemporary and innovative work that makes use of current leading-edge technologies for durability and maintenance.

  • The materials to be used will complement those used on Confederation Boulevard and that are part of the Capital’s built heritage.
  • We will engage with the Algonquin Nation to explore opportunities to integrate artistic and cultural elements in the bridge design.
  • The use of materials that have a lower environmental footprint and high durability, and that provide a service life of more than 100 years, will reduce the bridge’s environmental impact.
  • Appropriate access points will ensure that the bridge meets needs related to inspection, maintenance and rehabilitation.
  • The new bridge will be designed to take into account the seasonal changes that are part of the Canadian climate.

Lighting and illumination (temporary and permanent) of the bridge are important aspects. Illumination of the new Alexandra Bridge will be adapted to the surrounding cultural landscape, and comply with the Capital Illumination Plan, 2017–2027. Produced by the NCC in 2017, this plan defines a strategy for lighting and enhancing the nighttime landscape of the Capital core sector, which includes Confederation Boulevard.

The new bridge will follow these guidelines:

  • Develop an overall illumination plan that considers the entire location, including public lighting and lighting treatment of the bridge’s built elements.
  • Favour a subdued and soft illumination approach that respects the history of the site and enhances the bridge.
  • Ensure that illumination does not compromise the visual primacy of the buildings that are part of the Capital core landscape.
  • Considering the location and nature of this site, favour the use of amber or warm white tones.
  • Favour architectural illumination of the bridge, and minimize lighting of the river under the bridge.
  • In addition to more permanent illumination, integrate temporary, artistic, subtle and high-quality illumination in the design.