The new bridge will integrate all required technical infrastructure equipment.

  • Any alterations to the bridge must be in keeping with the bridge’s significance and symbolic nature.
  • Close collaboration with stakeholders will be ensured in planning for future needs and modifications.
  • Signage must contribute to the beauty and unique character of Canada’s Capital.
  • Signs must present information that is simple, clear and easy for all to understand. They must also be bilingual, small format, few in number and appropriate for the context. Signs must not hamper the flow of people and vehicles, and must be accessible to people with reduced mobility in lanes reserved for active transportation.
  • The wayfinding system for pedestrians on Confederation Boulevard must be preserved, including the bronze map and the Morris columns located near the approaches on both shores.
  • Roadway signage on the new bridge must comply with the road safety standards in force, and must also be small format and few in number, to conform with the iconic character of the bridge.
  • Interpretation panels should help to strengthen the character of place, and reflect the distinctive quality of the ceremonial route.
Interpretation panel on the lookout at the approach to the Alexandra Bridge.

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