Remarkable trees book cover

The forests of the Capital abound with hidden gems. The tremendous diversity of tree species that thrive within these forests tell the story of our culture and history.

We have gathered close to 170 examples of the most remarkable trees in a compilation entitled A Living Legacy: Remarkable Trees of Canada’s Capital.

The trees that we selected are outstanding because of their age, size or other characteristics. Some are remnants of ancient forests, while others date back to the very first projects aimed at beautifying the Capital.

The trees described in the book are easy to access on foot or by bike. Most of them can be found in Gatineau Park, as well as in the Greenbelt and urban parks, including the Dominion Arboretum at the Central Experimental Farm.

Map out your own route, and discover the Capital’s remarkable trees at your own pace, in any or every season.

About the book

For this project, we asked Suzanne Hardy, a specialist in identifying trees of interest, to catalogue the most noteworthy specimens on federal lands in the National Capital Region.

This book is the product of countless visits and two years of in-depth research. In a very accessible way, this work describes the distinctive features of these trees, and includes anecdotes drawn from, as well as passing references to, regional history.

The NCC is committed to communicating the tree names and place names in the Algonquin language. The names provided in the book were reviewed and approved by members of the Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg First Nation and the Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation.

We invite you to discover the most beautiful and exceptional trees in the National Capital Region.

Protecting our natural heritage

Living symbols of various eras, trees are today more important than ever to our quality of life. They are essential to the health and well-being of all.

The NCC manages over 10 percent of the lands in the National Capital Region, making it the region’s largest land manager. It has a responsibility to sustainably manage its lands and forests.

This inventory will help us in planning and making decisions about future projects.

Here is an overview of what the NCC is doing to protect our natural legacy:

Learn more in the NCC’s Sustainable Development Strategy, our roadmap for building a greener Capital Region.