The Greenbelt is the most ecologically diverse area in Eastern Ontario. It contains fragile habitats which support species and natural features that are unique, threatened or at risk.

Discover what the NCC and its partners are doing to protect species, habitats and ecosystems in the Greenbelt — and how you, too, can help protect this unique conservation area.

Conservation stories and projects

What you can do

There are lots of ways to participate in Greenbelt conservation efforts. Here are a few to inspire you to take action!

Get informed

In general, people who recognize the value of nature are more likely to protect it.

Get involved

Many organizations are working to protect plants and wildlife, through awareness activities, research and stewardship. You can also get involved in this conservation work.

Make environmentally responsible choices

Thousands of people visit the Greenbelt each year. We all have the responsibility to take care of nature while engaging in our favourite recreational activities.

Our actions while outdoors can have a permanent effect on plants and animals, and can cause problems that negatively affect the quality of the outdoor experience for others. Together, we can make conscious choices that are respectful and responsible.

Learn more

As long-term planner, the NCC develops plans and strategies for federal lands in Canada’s Capital Region.

Here are two examples that guide decision making pertaining to the Greenbelt.

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