Westboro Beach is a key hub along the historic Ottawa River, in Ottawa. We are currently in the process of designing a new pavilion and surrounding landscape for the area.

The latest on the project

The report of the most recent phase of public consultations is now available here.

Over the summer, we will be putting the final touches on the proposed design for Westboro Beach. This design will then be presented to the public as part of the next phase of public consultations.

Project overview

This project is part of the new 9-km Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park which aims to reconnect people and communities to the river.

The revitalized surrounding landscape and new pavilion will complement existing heritage buildings, while offering new amenities and services to users. The project will create a more vibrant, active area that will improve the quality of life of residents and the experience of visitors.


The Westboro Beach area redevelopment project is one of the first steps in making the Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park Plan a reality.

  • Community meeting about Atlantis parking lot (September)
  • Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park plan approved by NCC Board of Directors (June)
  • Internal design competition (March–October)
  • Two in-person workshops and one online public consultation (April–June)
  • Demolition of two derelict buildings at 234 Atlantis Avenue (June)
  • Public consultations on the proposed design (fall)
  • Proposed design submitted to NCC Board of Directors (fall)
  • Construction of the Atlantis parking lot
  • Construction of the new and revitalized Westboro Beach pavilion and landscape (spring)

For an overview of what we have heard throughout this process, see the public consultation reports.

More about the project

Westboro Beach is one of the green spaces covered by the Ottawa River South Shore Riverfront Park Plan. The plan calls for the creation of a continuous riverfront park connecting LeBreton Flats to Mud Lake. It provides guidance on facilities, amenities and design improvements needed at Westboro Beach.

The NCC and the City of Ottawa have an agreement for the light rail transit project. As part of this agreement, the City will finance the development of a 2.5-kilometre stretch of the park along the parkway. Westboro Beach is one of the areas included in this agreement.