York Street Steps
York Street Steps

The NCC is performing repair work on the York Street Steps, a convenient pedestrian corridor between the ByWard Market and Major’s Hill Park.

Work is ongoing and should be completed in early 2024.

Impact of work

The York Street Steps will be closed and fenced off for the duration of the repair work. Use Murray Street or Rideau Street to move from the ByWard Market to Major’s Hill Park.

About the project

Constructed in 1999, the York Steps are located at the intersection of York Street and Sussex Drive. They connect the ByWard Market and Major’s Hill Park.

The staircase and storage unit located underneath both have issues, including broken concrete unit pavers, isolated damaged steps, water infiltration and a lack of drainage.

The objectives of the project will be to:

  • repair the York Street Steps stairs
  • prevent further deterioration of the storage unit underneath
  • preserve the site’s historic characteristics

Construction Timeline

Fall 2023

  • Remove existing street furniture
  • Remove and dispose of concrete unit pavers and granular bedding
  • Remove and reinstall a waterproofing membrane on staircase landings
  • Install a new trench drain at the top of the stairs and replace area drains on the stairs
  • Repair localized damage to concrete on the stairs

Winter 2024

  • Place new granular bedding and install new precast concrete pavers
  • Reinstate existing street furniture

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