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National Capital Region — During today’s meeting, the National Capital Commission’s (NCC) Board of Directors approved new Indigenous names for Nepean Point and the new pedestrian bridge connecting Major’s Hill Park to Nepean Point. These names were selected by the Nepean Point Naming Working Group, a group composed of Algonquin and NCC representatives.

The new names are as follows:

  • Nepean Point: Kìwekì Point (meaning “returning to one’s homeland”)
  • Pedestrian bridge: Pìdàban Bridge (meaning “dawn”)

The selected names are in line with the interpretation plan for the redevelopment of Nepean Point, as well as with the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s calls to action. These new names contribute to the culture and language theme by providing an opportunity to highlight Algonquin voices, and to showcase elements of Algonquin culture and language.

Furthermore, the selected Indigenous names provide a unique opportunity for Canadians visiting the site to learn more about the Algonquin Nation.


  • The renaming process for Nepean Point was being undertaken in parallel with the development of the toponymy policy, and included a review following similar principles and values to those in the policy. It also included the participation of Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg and Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nations community members.
  • The NCC consulted its federal stakeholders and coordinated with local Algonquin community members on the redevelopment of Nepean Point, including the reintegration of the Samuel de Champlain and Anishinabe Scout (Zibi Annini) statues, both significant figures of our shared history.
  • The NCC will continue to engage with various stakeholders on the content of the interpretation pieces to ensure that the history they present integrates all perspectives in a balanced way and is inclusive of all Canadians. The site interpretation will also include features depicting natural and animal relationships to the river.
  • The redevelopment of Nepean Point is scheduled to be completed and the site reopened by summer 2023.


The renaming and naming of these assets demonstrates the NCC’s commitment to the recognition of Indigenous peoples, particularly the Algonquin Nation as the host nation of the National Capital Region.”

Tobi Nussbaum, Chief Executive Officer, National Capital Commission


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