Campers and visitors are expected to know and comply with all Gatineau Park rules and regulations during their stay.

Winter trail etiquette
Always stay on official and marked trails. Don’t walk on ski and snowshoe trails. It makes the surface uneven and hardens the trail base, creating conditions that can be dangerous for skiers. Our team works very hard at setting and maintaining the tracks for skiing. Our team works very hard at setting and maintaining the tracks for skiing.

It is prohibited to possess or consume alcohol in any area other than your own campsite.

Smoking is prohibited in the ready-to-camp units and within 9 meters from a door of any building.

Number of people
For overnight stays in the winter, a minimum of two people is required, and at least one person must be over 18 years of age.

Pets are not permitted in Gatineau Park campgrounds. However, assistance animals are permitted, except on cross-country ski trails.

Feeding wild animals (raccoons, squirrels, bears, waterfowl, etc.) is strictly prohibited.

In winter, campfires are not permitted outside of ready to camp units.

In winter, firewood is provided on-site but must be picked up at the location indicated on the camping map. Cutting trees or collecting wood from the forest is strictly prohibited.

Campers are also prohibited from bringing their own firewood to the site, as firewood can often be infested with insects and disease. Firewood brought from outside the Park will be confiscated.

Users must pack out all of their garbage. Waste containers and recycling bins are located in the parking lots.

At all times, users are responsible for ensuring that the premises and equipment provided are kept clean and tidy. Ready-to-camp units that are not left in clean condition will be cleaned at the users’ expense.

Guests will not be admitted to the campground after 8 pm, and must leave by 10 pm.

Campers must set up their tent on the designated site.

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