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This page is updated in the morning and mid-day every day during the ski season.
Please note that conditions can change rapidly over the course of a day and in the time between updates, due to the weather, and the amount and type of snow on the ground. Trail maintenance work is also ongoing during the day.

Weekly Update: Trail Conditions and Grooming Operations

Stay up to date with this weekend's maintenance operations, trail conditions and recommended starting points.

Gatineau Park Winter Passes

There is a fee to access the cross-country ski, snowshoe and snow biking trails. You can purchase a daily pass, or save with a season pass. Be sure to wear your pass in plain view.

Cross-Country Ski Conditions and Trail Network Map

Cross-country ski conditions

Trail conditions are frequently updated on this map, which also indicate the locations of starting points and day shelters. Plan your outing according to your level, type of activity and the amount of time you wish to spend in the Park.