Please take note of the following before your visit.

Gatineau Park has a network of three scenic routes that run through the southern section of the Park in Gatineau and Chelsea. They are: 

  • Gatineau Parkway 
  • Champlain Parkway
  • Fortune Lake Parkway 

The parkways are not the only way to enter Gatineau Park. Several local roads and 21 parking lots lead to various scenic trails, observation posts, lakes and picnic areas accessible at all times.

Click on the map below to enlarge and see the parkways covered in this schedule.


The parkway schedule varies depending on the season to allow for recreational activities and to protect wildlife species at risk.

Winter 2023-2024

In winter, the parkways are closed to private vehicles and reserved for winter recreational activities. In 2023, this schedule is in effect as of Sunday, October 22, at 7 pm. Vehicle access will be restored in early May, based on the summer schedule.

The winter parkway schedule comes into effect early on for safety reasons. The risk of ice on the road increases when the temperature drops, and we do not use salt or grit so that we can protect the sensitive environment and vegetation.

You may walk, cycle, skate or roller ski, or use a mobility aid (three- or four-wheeled scooter, etc.) on the parkways until the first snowfall. However, keep in mind that you might encounter service vehicles or wildlife preparing for winter.

Summer 2024

The summer schedule will be in effect from May to September. Dates to be confirmed.

Sustainable transportation in Gatineau Park

Using transportation methods other than cars to get to Gatineau Park is at the heart of our sustainable transportation strategy and the Gatineau Park Master Plan.

The COVID-19 pandemic advanced our plans.

  • 2020: NCC opened the parkways, on a trial basis, for non-motorized recreational activities. The schedule was adjusted as the season progressed to comply with health measures.
  • 2021: Extension of pilot project, with adjusted schedule to find a better balance. Online survey about Gatineau Park parkway use. Advisory Committee on Universal Accessibility consultation. New e-bike rental project launched in partnership with Gatineau Park’s Relais plein air.
  • 2022: Extension of pilot project. Newly launched summer shuttle service. New e-bike rental stations and addition of rental electric mobility aids (four-wheel scooters, etc.).

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